APVoices was founded by Frank Piazza in 2001. Located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, APVoices is a division of Audio Paint—an audio and video production company providing services to numerous radio, television, and music clients throughout the United States.

Frank has been in the voice-over business for nearly twenty years. He brings his expertise in the fields of commercial advertising and audio production to each client. Many of his students have gone on to enjoy success in voice-overs in all parts of the country.

Frank Piazza is the president of Audio Paint in New York City. He is also an audio engineer,
music composer, and producer. His work can be heard on radio, television, film, and the internet.

As a commercial producer, he has directed numerous television, radio, and corporate spots. His clients include HBO, Comedy Central, Glaxo, Grey Group, and Scholastic Publishers. As a music composer he has created original music for film, television, and the internet. His clients include
Court TV, Nickelodeon, and Disney.