APVoices provides over a thousand scripts from which to choose when putting together your package. We also encourage students to feel free to bring in material they want to work on for their demo. Each package is designed specifically for the student’s needs, combining both commercial and narration spots. All packages include assistance with selecting scripts, one-on-one coaching, a recording session, and production of a master CD and an accompanying mp3 version with music and/or sound effects.

One-on-One Evaluation Session $75  
  We recommend that students consider scheduling a one-on-one consultation before beginning either of the packages below. By discussing their backgrounds, interests, and goals, students can help shape the trajectory of the sessions and the outline for the demo. The one-on-one evaluation session is 45 minutes.
Introduction to Voice-Over $175  
This is a class designed to give students an overview of the world of voice-over. The class focuses on the art and technique of doing voice-overs, the various kinds of voice-overs, the purposes of a demo, and finally the business itself and how to navigate it in an ever-changing marketplace. In the class, students are also given the opportunity to use a mic in a professional recording setting. Classes are purposely kept small, so that each student has quality time with the instructor and can get a sense of what it feels like to be in the booth. Students will each receive an MP3 of their time at the mic. The class is an hour and a half.

Package A $1199  
This package gives students the most opportunity to work on technique and to demonstrate a full range of voice-over skills. It includes two demos (commercial and narration), four private coaching sessions of one-on-one instruction, and a demo recording session. The demos will total about two minutes in length and typically consist of five commercial and four narration spots.

Package B $799  
This package is a great option for those on a budget or students who want to focus on a particular aspect of their talent. It includes two private coaching sessions of one-on-one instruction and a demo recording session. The demo will be about one minute in length and typically consists of three commercial and two narration spots.

Additional Coaching Sessions $129 each  
  In some circumstances, students may wish to have additional coaching sessions before recording their demos or beginning a package. This is a decision which varies from student to student and will be discussed. Each coaching session is one hour.